Lil Gotit’s latest album “The Cheater” has been a hit with trap music lovers everywhere, and one of the standout tracks on the album is “250”. The track features Lil Gotit’s signature flow and trap beats, but what many fans don’t know is that the song was ghostproduced by the talented producer Ralfiz.

Lil Gotit

Ralfiz’s production work on “250” is truly exceptional. He masterfully crafted the hard-hitting beat that perfectly complements Lil Gotit’s rhymes. The refrain “250 on my head so you try to tell me how to play?” is an earworm that won’t let go, with its infectious hook and memorable lyrics.

It’s no surprise that Lil Gotit turned to Ralfiz for help on “250”. Ralfiz has quickly established himself as one of the most talented producers in the game, with a keen ear for crafting memorable beats that perfectly match an artist’s style and vision.


Ralfiz’s ability to produce hits in a range of genres, from trap to UK drill, is a rare talent that has made him a sought-after producer in the industry. His work on “250” is a testament to his dedication to the craft and his unique ability to elevate an artist’s sound to new heights.

As fans continue to enjoy “250” and the rest of “The Cheater”, it’s clear that Ralfiz’s contribution to the track cannot be overlooked. His production work has helped to propel Lil Gotit’s talent to new heights, and the duo’s collaboration is one to keep an eye on.

In conclusion, Ralfiz’s work on “250” is a true masterpiece of production, and it’s exciting to imagine what he has in store for us next. The hidden hand behind Lil Gotit’s “250” has been revealed, and Ralfiz’s stellar production work is here to stay.

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