AthenaHealth or PrognoCIS EMR

It’s common for practitioners to be skeptical about the reliability of healthcare solutions. You also might have countless doubts lingering in your mind hindering you from investing in an EHR platform. But you must find a way to clear your mind, and the best way is conducting a detailed EHR assessment. By exploring all the aspects of an EHR platform, you can decipher whether it’s worthy of your investment or not. There are four elements to explore: 

  • The Features 
  • The Reviews 
  • The Cost Structure 
  • The Demo 

Want to go through the entire process? Then stick with us for a little longer, as later in this guide, we will conduct a comprehensive evaluation of two first-rate healthcare solutions later in this guide. We are referring to none other than AthenaHealth EMR software and PrognoCIS EMR software. You might wonder why we chose these vendors of all. They are light on pockets, offer multi-disciplinary services and come with a negligible learning curve.  

Now let’s get straight to the point.  

Exploring The PrognoCIS EMR Software 

Feature Portfolio of PrognoCIS EMR 

The PrognoCIS EMR features numerous state-of-the-art functionalities. Its services are divided into certain modules so you can easily sift through the feature range. PrognoCIS EHR’s integrated billing solution is the best of all the features. Given below is the complete list of the features PrognoCIS EMR offers: 

EHR Software 

  • Patient Charting 
  • Certified e-Prescribing (eRx) 
  • Specialty Templates 
  • Voice Transcription 
  • Reputation Management 
  • Aging Reports 
  • EPCS 
  • Patient Portal 
  • MACRA 
  • Referral Management System 
  • Account Receivable Management 
  • EDI 
  • Patient Relations 
  • Telemedicine 
  • Integrated Billing Solution 
  • Reporting 
  • Pre – Authorization 
  • CPOE 

Practice Management 

  • Appointment and Scheduling 
  • Eligibility Verification and Demographic Updates 
  • Claims management 
  • Analytics and Reporting 
  • Receivables Management 
  • Denial and Underpayment Tracking 
  • Task Management 
  • Internal Messaging 
  • Automated Text Reminders 
  • Document Storage 
  • Claim scrubbing 
  • Electronic Claims Submission and Attachments 
  • Automated Payment Plans and Patient Statements 

Medical Billing 

It includes all Practice Management module features plus: 

  • Batch EOB Posting 
  • Integrated Seamless workflows with the EHR Platform 
  • Auto Claim Creations for Labs 
  • Import OLD Aging 
  • Customizable Fee Schedules 
  • 24 x 7 Customer Support 
  • Central Business Office for Billing Companies 

Patient Portal 

  • Two-factor Authentication 
  • Self-health Management 
  • Receive Messages 
  • Check and Request Appointments 
  • Simplistic Communication 
  • Quick Patient Data Exchange 
  • Request Prescription Refills 

PrognoCIS EMR Reviews: 

PrognoCIS EMR is entitled to positive reviews. The reviews of PrognoCIS EMR reflect on its versatility and cost-effectiveness. The clinicians claim PrognoCIS is the best multi-specialty software they have ever laid their hands on. Also, the PrognoCIS reviews tell about its intuitive interface and customizable workflows. Besides that, users appreciate the patient-centered services of PrognoCIS in the reviews.  

The PrognoCIS Software Demo 

Schedule a live demo with the PrognoCIS EHR to learn about its diverse feature spectrum. The versatility of PrognoCIS EMR is very well presented in its demo tutorial. You can find the “Request Demo” button at the top right corner of PrognoCIS EMR’s web page. Click on it, choose the contact method and set up a demo to admire the depth of content and simplicity of use of the PrognoCIS software.  

The Cost Of PrognoCIS EMR 

Unfortunately, we cannot share the pricing model of PrognoCIS EMR here. The PrognoCIS EHR has not shared its pricing structure on the web. But from the user’s persona, PrognoCIS is a cost-effective solution packing low-priced pricing packages. One can easily afford it without having to break the bank. Some clinicians even refer to PrognoCIS as a solution that offers the best bang for the buck with feature-rich pricing bundles. 

Exploring The AthenaHealth EMR Software 

Feature Portfolio of AthenaHealth 

This industry-leading solution packs an awe-inspiring feature portfolio. The features of AthenaHealth EMR are presented in an organized manner, lessening the need for unwanted clicks. Also, AthenaHealth features customizable tools and services, making it an easy-to-use solution. Here’s the complete list of features AthenaHealth offers: 

Electronic Health Records 

  • Intuitive workflows 
  • Specialty-specific workflows 
  • Mobile documentation 
  • Real-time patient insights 
  • Patient record sharing 
  • Improve care coordination 
  • Voice Powered Services 
  • Population Health Support 
  • Telehealth 

Medical Billing 

  • Claims Management 
  • Revenue Cycle Dashboard 
  • Appointment Scheduling 
  • Patient Check-in 
  • Performance Reporting 
  • Medical Coding 
  • Authorization Management 
  • Enhanced Claim Resolution 

Patient Engagement 

  • Secure communication channel 
  • Patient payment tools 
  • Patient self-scheduling 
  • Tailored outreach messaging 
  • Fewer administrative calls 
  • Simplified check-in 
  • Automated reminder support 

Care Coordination 

  • Connection with CommonWell and Carequality 
  • Order Transmission 
  • Appointment Density Optimization 
  • Instant Info-sharing 

Enterprise Revenue Cycle 

  • Verification and Co-Pay Collection 
  • Insurance Verification and  Coverage Scan 
  • Authorization Management 
  • Charge Entry And Coding 
  • Claim Scrub, Issue Resolution and Submission 
  • Posting And Payments 
  • Claim Denials Resolution 
  • Zero Pay And Insurance Credit Resolution 
  • Patient Refunds 
  • Performance Reporting And Insights 


  • Group Video Conferencing 
  • Customizable Video Window 
  • Integrated Billing Support 
  • No Downloads Required 
  • Automated Patient Outreach 

Mobile Capabilities 

  • Intuitive Homepage 
  • ClinicalInbox For Urgent Task Management 
  • Customizable Workflows 
  • Integration with athenaClinicals 
  • Advisory Services 

AthenaHealth Reviews: 

A pool of favorable reviews surrounds the AthenaHealth EHR. All the reviews of AthenaHealth point towards its intrinsic and tech-savvy nature. As per the clients, AthenaHealth EMR is a software of unmatched potential. Its advisory services and mobile healthcare app, Epocrates, work beyond imagination. Reviews also share how AthenaHealth promotes value-based care following strict clinical protocols.  

AthenaHealth EHR Demo: 

AthenaHealth is the best-in-class IT healthcare solution; get a chance to explore it by going for its demo. Athenahealth EMR packs a live demo for interested clients, presenting an inside look at its infrastructure. Going for the demo of AthenaHealth means learning how the system can optimize clinical performance. So, click on the “Let’s Connect” button on the website of AthenaHealth software and see how it drives practices to success.  

AthenaHealth Software Cost: 

The pricing structure of AthenaHealth sets it apart from its competitors. The AthenaHealth EMR practices a unique pricing strategy opting for the percentage-based model. It means it right charges practices keeping its cost plans simple yet transparent. AthenaHealth charges minimal upfront costs but generates quality returns without offering hefty pricing plans. Here’s the catch: there are no long-term contracts; thus, you can leave taking all the crucial clinical data whenever you want. 

AthenaHealth vs PrognoCIS  

These are one-of-a-kind multi-disciplinary solutions, so deciding between the two is difficult. You can decide by requesting the cost structure of PrognoCIS software and comparing it with the AthenaHealth software. Go for the vendor that offers low-cost solutions. However, one noticeable difference between the two is the advisory services of AthenaHealth EMR software. PrognoCIS software lacks such exclusive organizational monitoring services.  

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