An organization with a high degree of professionalism is usually considered a modern workplace. The primary focus is to attract, retain, motivate and engage the top talent from the workforce. Modern workplaces are those that offer a healthy work environment, work life balance and the right kind of technology. Employees today are looking for workplace environments that are more than just places to work. They are seeking places where they can enjoy a healthy work/life balance. Organizations that have an improved work culture and offer an enriching work experience tend to outperform the competition. Organizations that provide excellent technology support and help employees achieve their goals tend to attract and keep top talent. They can also help Microsoft development employees to grow, develop and improve. An effective workplace has the following characteristics.

The workforce must be well organized with clearly defined roles and responsibilities. There must be a clear chain of command. This is necessary to ensure a healthy workplace and a high level of productivity. The people who hold these positions should be well-trained and highly skilled.

All the team members should be treated fairly. They should have clear job descriptions and know what they need to do and who will be responsible for overseeing their progress.

The organization needs to have an open and collaborative culture that encourages communication and teamwork.

There must be a culture of recognition. Everyone should feel comfortable being themselves and express their creativity.

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