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As a Bonita homeowner, you understand the importance of having adequate bathroom space for your big family. Having a well-designed bathroom adds character to your home. It also provides your family with the necessary luxuries, like taking a hot shower and managing your beauty needs without a glitch. However, when it comes to designing a bathroom for a large family, planning becomes much more complicated and requires the expert advice of an experienced remodeler.

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To help you out, here are some fantastic bathroom design ideas that can accommodate your family members and loved ones!

Small Changes Make a Big Difference

Introducing small changes to your bathroom can make it much more functional. Start by replacing the shower curtain with a shower door for a more modern look. Using shower doors will maximize your bathroom space, give it a modern look and allow your family to move around freely. Additionally, you can incorporate smaller changes such as transitioning to more energy-efficient systems, using adjustable shelving, or adding mirrors or wall appliques to spice up a dull bathroom space.

Try Going All Natural

If you’re looking for a bathroom design that’s a bit more eco-friendly, you can opt for natural materials to achieve a visually cohesive look. Going for an earthy color scheme is an ideal option for creating a tranquil atmosphere. Introduce materials such as clay tiles, stone countertops, and bamboo flooring, among others. Adding natural plants to your bathroom area is another fantastic way to bring the outdoors in. You can also add a skylight for better natural lighting.

Consider Multi-Functional Accessories

When it comes to bathroom accessories, opt for pieces with multiple uses. Incorporate a vanity table to combine your beauty needs and bathroom supplies storage. Likewise, select pieces that can serve multiple purposes. It’s like a wall mirror with LED lights that can help you get ready for the day or night. Consider getting an all-in-one toilet and sink unit which will save space and also provide you with all the necessary bathroom amenities, including storage facilities.

Choose Modern Fixtures

Modern fixtures can surely give your bathroom a luxurious look. Incorporating finer details, such as the latest bathroom fixtures, can help you make the most of the available space. Make sure to choose fixtures that are low-maintenance and eco-friendly. For instance, you can install a spa-inspired steam shower that comprises motion-activated lights and audio-visual components for a multi-sensory experience. Alternatively, you can opt for a bathtub or a Jacuzzi that can provide a more relaxing experience for your loved ones.

Creating an Open Layout

Creating an open-plan layout is a great way to make your bathroom more functional for your big family. Consider combining the showering and bathing area with the toilet fixtures and sinks, ensuring to leave room to move around comfortably. For instance, you can design no-seam showers or create a half-wall that separates the sink area from the shower location for a more open look. Besides, confirm if you have left room for storage to ensure that essential toiletries and supplies always remain within reach.


Today’s modern bathrooms offer many design options for big families. You can create a contemporary and luxurious bathroom by carefully selecting fixtures, accessories, and materials that suit your family’s needs. Start by creating small changes to your bathroom design to make it more functional and introduce natural elements for a sense of tranquility.

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