adu unit bay area

ADUs can yield a lot of benefits if built with proper planning abiding by state law. If you do not prepare a layout plan then you might face issues of inadequate floor space. As a result, this will make your ADU unit look clumsy and too occupied. 

If you are looking for an experienced contractor for your ADU unit Bay Area, then you should contact ADU Specialist Bay Area. Now, let us understand about a few luxurious ADU designs from our experts.

Add smart storage ideas to your ADU unit

You can go with wall storage, vertical storage, and under the stair storage to create more storage space in your ADU unit. You can use them to store your essentials.

This way, you can get more storage to keep your valuables without using too much space on the floor.  Built-in wall storage is also a good idea as you can keep a lot of things inside it without making the space too clumsy.

Install sliding doors

When we open the doors it takes up a lot of space thereby covering much of the floor space. So, sliding doors can be a good idea to save a lot of floor space. This way, you can open the door without blocking the floor space and generate more square footage for your ADU unit.

Invest in dual-purpose furniture

You can think about adding furniture that can serve dual functions. A foldable bed or a bed-cum-sofa can be the best furniture ideas that you can incorporate into your ADU unit.

Moreover, you can add a few seating with storage options so that you can store your essentials in them without building more storage cabinets in your ADU.

Bright and light shade paint to add vibrancy to your space

If you choose light colors for the walls of your ADU unit, then it will make the space brighter and bigger. Moreover, the natural and lighter shades will reflect most of the light to make the space look brighter. This will make your ADU unit look airy, fresh, and clean.

Utilize the ceiling for hanging lights

You can hang decorative lights or pendant lights on your ceiling to create more space on the floor. This way, you do not have to keep floor lamps in your space, which will provide you with a lot of space on the floor.

Add more kitchen cabinets

ADU unit has a fully functional kitchen, where you need to generate more space. So, floating kitchen cabinets and shelves will be helpful for you to store your kitchen essentials.

To utilize the limited space in the kitchen, you need to build more storage cabinets so that the floor area remains unoccupied. This will give you a lot of space thereby making the space bigger.

Add room dividers in place of walls

Usually, walls make the small space look smaller. So, you can add room dividers instead of the walls in your ADU unit so that the space looks bigger and airy. You can separate your living area and dining space with a room divider instead of building a wall that will take up a lot of space and make the space look clumsy.


ADU unit should be built with a proper plan so that it will not give a clumsy look. Choose your furniture, décor, and the appliances carefully so that the ADU unit do not look too much occupied.

Discard the unnecessary items to make the best use of the space. Do not add big paintings or art work with big motifs on the wall to make the space look smaller than it is.

If you are still confused how to make the space more functional and airy, then you can take the help of our experts who will guide you with all the necessary information.

They will help you select colors that will suit your ADU unit the most. Moreover, they will choose the furniture, the kitchen appliances, and the décor of your entire ADU unit carefully so that it won’t give a clumsy look.

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