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ADU can yield you many benefits; especially providing a separate home for your parents. If you want to increase the property value and create a recreational place for your family members, then you can plan to add an ADU unit to your property.

If you are looking for reliable ADU companies San Diego, then you should contact ADU Contractors. Now, let us understand the process of designing and building an ADU.

Site Plan and preparation:

Initial preparation includes reviewing Local Building Department rules and regulations to determine the floor area ratio, setbacks, parking, mass transit plan, and available Utilities.

Then, a site plan is created for the current house. After that, your ADU experts analyze if there are options for converting the existing garage to ADU or New construction for ADU.

Know the ADU ordinance, San Diego

ADUs should be built abiding by state law. Our expert ADU builders have adequate knowledge about the ADU ordinance that prevails in San Diego. They will build your ADU unit abiding by the rules and regulations so that you won’t face any legal hassles in the future. The ADU ordinance states that:

  •  An ADU unit must be built within a 1,200 sq. ft area.
  • This can be built as a standalone unit or as a converted garage.
  • Reduced Parking requirements have to fulfill all the legal requirements.
  •  ADU in San Diego can be built with Modular Construction, Site Built, or built as a Manufactured Home.
  • If the main residential unit does not have fire sprinklers then they might be eliminated.
  •  ADU with the main residence must meet local zoning Floor Area and Set Backs.

Plan A proper layout plan:

ADUs in San Diegoare allowed for only 1200 sq. ft. area. Hence, it requires a solid layout plan so that every section remains functional. Our experts prepare a computerized 3D layout plan so that our customers can get a brief idea about the unit beforehand.

This also helps make changes to the plan if our customers feel it is not going to serve their purpose.

ADU construction:

ADUs should be built in such a way that it does not look too occupied or messed up. So, focus on generating more space in the ADU by incorporating modern storage solutions, built-in shelves, a functional kitchen, a vibrant living unit, and a bath unit with ample ventilation available in it.

Moreover, floor plans and space management are necessary so that you can add a lot of floor space without compromising the aesthetics of the ADU unit.

Plumbing and Electrical Fixtures:

The next step is plumbing and electrification. ADU is a completely new unit; hence, it requires a lot of planning to install floor tiles, kitchen appliances, electrical fixtures, and other essential things.

Installing the water fixtures in the kitchen and bathroom is a challenging task if elder members are going to reside in the ADU unit.

Install Roof and solar panel:

As ADU is a new dwelling unit, our experts focus on roofing, insulation, and solar panel installation. There are a lot of roofing options available for your home. However, our team will discuss it with you and try to install the one that suits your needs.

Insulating your ADU will not only give you comfort but will save a lot on your energy bills. Inspect the attics after it is insulated to ensure there is no way for the external elements to enter your attic and damage it.

Solar panels have become an essential part of every house. They can help you meet your energy needs without causing any damage to the environment. Hence, our experts can help install solar panels if you want to install one on your ADU.


Your ADU is handed over to you after it is complete. Your ADU contractor will inspect every portion to make sure there is no failure. They inspect the roof to ensure it is installed properly. Also, our experts ensure that electrification and plumbing work are done properly so that it won’t cause short-circuit issues later on.

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